Repository Policy

Repository Policy: Wah Academia Journal of Social Sciences

1. Introduction:

Wah Academia Journal of Social Sciences (WAJSS) is committed to promoting open access and the dissemination of high-quality research in the field of social sciences. To ensure the widest possible visibility and accessibility of the published articles, WAJSS has established the following repository policy.

2. Open Access Policy:

WAJSS is an open-access journal, meaning that all articles published in the journal are freely accessible to readers worldwide without any subscription or payment barriers.

3. Repository Deposit:

Authors publishing in WAJSS are encouraged to deposit the final accepted version of their manuscripts in institutional repositories, subject-based repositories, or other appropriate platforms that facilitate open access. Authors should ensure that the deposited version includes proper citation and a link to the published article on the WAJSS website.

4. Embargo Period:

WAJSS has no embargo period for repository deposits. Authors are allowed and encouraged to deposit their manuscripts in repositories immediately upon publication in the journal.

5. Licensing and Copyright:

Authors retain the copyright of their articles published in WAJSS. Articles are published under the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY 4.0), which allows others to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work and derivative works based upon it, but only if they give the author or licensor the credits in the manner specified by these terms.

6. Metadata Sharing:

WAJSS provides metadata of published articles to indexing and abstracting databases, scholarly search engines, and other relevant platforms to enhance the discoverability of the content.

7. Author Responsibilities:

Authors are responsible for ensuring that their submitted manuscripts comply with the repository policy. Authors should check the policies of their respective institutions regarding repository deposits and ensure compliance with them.

8. Repository Information:

The journal may provide recommendations for reputable repositories or platforms for authors’ reference.

9. Repository Policy Changes:

WAJSS reserves the right to update or modify the repository policy as needed. Authors will be informed of any changes in the policy during the manuscript submission and publication process.

By adhering to this repository policy, WAJSS aims to enhance the accessibility and impact of research published in the journal, fostering a wider dissemination of knowledge in the field of social sciences.