Business Models

Journals are an essential part of the academic publishing industry and are responsible for disseminating scholarly research findings to the wider academic community. However, the production and distribution of journals come with various costs, such as peer review, editorial services, copyediting, typesetting, printing, and online hosting. As a result, journals need to generate revenue to cover their expenses and maintain their operations. There are several business models or revenue sources that Wah Academia Journal of Social Sciences can adopt to generate revenue. Here we will discuss some of the most common business models or revenue sources WAJSS can adopt.

1. Subscription-based model:

In the subscription-based model, readers pay a fee to access the journal's content. Subscriptions can be purchased by individuals or institutions, such as universities or libraries. Under this model, WAJSS typically offer a print or online subscription or a combination of both. The revenue generated from subscriptions is used to cover the journal's expenses and generate profits.

2. Open Access publishing model:

Open Access (OA) publishing is an emerging publishing model that aims to make scholarly research and publications freely available to the public without any barriers to access. Under this model, journals make their content freely accessible online to readers worldwide, and authors may be required to pay a fee to cover the journal’s expenses. The fee can be charged in different ways, such as Article Processing Charges (APCs), where authors pay to publish their articles.

2. Membership-based model:

Under the membership-based model, readers pay a fee to become members of the journal, and in return, they receive access to the journal's content, as well as other benefits, such as discounts on conferences or books. This model is commonly for professional associations, societies, or learned societies that have a specific focus or audience. The revenue generated from membership fees is used to cover the journal's expenses and support the organization's mission.

3. Sponsorship-based model:

Under the sponsorship-based model, WAJSS can generate revenue by seeking financial support from organizations or institutions interested in supporting research in a particular field. Sponsors can provide financial support for special issues, conferences, or research projects, and in return, they may receive recognition, advertising space, or other benefits.