Aim & Scope

Aim & Scope of Wah Academia Journal of Social Sciences

Wah Academia is the absolute first global diary on Research articles by researchers of Social Sciences and new authors with challenging acumen. It is one of its sorts, it expects to distribute excellent explores and exceptional inventive works traversing the wide fields of Social Sciences, Humanities and Management Sciences.

The Wah Academia will contain a rich assortment of choice articles on issues that manage English Literature and Linguistics, History, Economics, Education, Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science, Mass Communication, Ethics including diasporic writing and Asian writings in interpretation. Articles may incorporate examinations that address the multidimensional effects of the English Language on a wide assortment of Asian societies (South Asian, East Asian, Southeast Asian and others). Subjects of discussions and conversations will envelop the financial aspect of the Asian world corresponding to current scholastic examinations on writing, culture and etymology. This methodology will introduce, crafted by English-prepared Global authors and researchers, having English as the binding together mechanism of articulation and the world as the central background of their research.

The three distinct sections related to English & Literature that will be highlighted in each issue of The Wah Academia are: (I) basic compositions on scholarly, social examines, (ii) imaginative works that incorporate works of writing fiction and choices of verse and (iii) survey articles on books, books and plays in English (or converted into English) that manage diverse subjects. These works will reflect how components of western and Asian are both unpretentiously and seriously interweaved because of assimilation, globalization and other diverse contacts. A global perspective.

The Wah Academia welcomes unique research works containing significant thoughts and savvy musings that can conceivably open roads to new viewpoints in the fields of language, writing and culture specifically, and Social Sciences in general.