Research Mandate

Advancing Knowledge

The research mandate of Wah Academia (SMC-Private) Limited is to investigate the key issues facing students of research or researchers as they move from start-up to stay-up and then, scale in global markets.

Recognizing that research challenges to smart growth come in many forms, our insights are generated by a cross-disciplinary team of scholars. We work with both local and global researchers and partner with other research institutions. We also collaborate with doctoral students working at the leading edge of new research areas pertinent to Social Sciences

Our research is guided by two focused themes:
• Managing through the scaling process.
• Scaling to be globally competitive.

Research Promotion:

• Continues to nurture the research culture at Wah Academia, building on current success;
• Integrates the strengths of Wah Academia, including open learning; flexible programming and laddering of programs; opportunities for practical experience, co-op and internship placements; and international education in developing the activities of our research students
• Promotes the development of undergraduate research as an integral part of WAJSS, by publishing the research of the research scholars
• Provides research management oversight, review of research centers and programs, and criteria for establishing new ones.


• Conducts workshops and information sessions for ethics reviews, funding applications, and awards opportunities;


• Supports ethics, and provides training in these areas.


• Liaises with human resources on issues relating to research support, including Research Assistants.