Compliance with I4OC Policy

Compliance with I4OC Standards for Open Citations


The Wah Academia Journal of Social Sciences (WAJSS) is committed to promoting transparency, openness, and accessibility in scholarly communication. In line with this commitment, WAJSS fully complies with the Initiative for Open Citations (I4OC) standards, contributing to the global effort of making citation data freely available to the public.

What is I4OC?

The Initiative for Open Citations (I4OC) is a collaboration between scholarly publishers, researchers, and other interested parties to promote the unrestricted availability of scholarly citation data. I4OC encourages publishers to make references in their publications open and freely accessible, allowing researchers and the public to access citation data without any copyright or licensing restrictions.

How WAJSS Complies with I4OC Standards:

1. Open and Accessible Metadata:
WAJSS provides open access to its citation metadata, including bibliographic information, author details, and citation data. This metadata is made available in standardized formats, ensuring compatibility and ease of use for researchers and data scientists.

2. Participation in the Initiative:
WAJSS actively participates in the I4OC initiative. By providing open citation data, WAJSS contributes to the growing corpus of openly accessible scholarly information, fostering collaboration, innovation, and research advancement.

3. Integration of Open Citations:
WAJSS integrates open citations within its articles. Citation data, including references cited in each article, is openly available, allowing readers to explore the sources and context of the research presented in WAJSS publications.

4. Data Standardization:
WAJSS ensures that its citation data adheres to recognized standards and formats, making it easier for researchers and automated systems to utilize the data for various scholarly purposes. Standardized data formats enhance interoperability and simplify the integration of citation information into research workflows.

5. Continuous Compliance and Updates:
WAJSS is committed to maintaining its compliance with I4OC standards. The journal stays updated with the latest guidelines and best practices provided by I4OC, ensuring that its open citation data remains current and relevant for the scholarly community.

6. Promoting Open Research:
By complying with I4OC standards, WAJSS promotes open research practices. Open citations empower researchers to trace the evolution of ideas, validate claims, and conduct comprehensive literature reviews, fostering a culture of transparency and academic integrity.


The Wah Academia Journal of Social Sciences is dedicated to fostering a culture of openness and collaboration in scholarly communication. By adhering to the I4OC standards for open citations, WAJSS contributes significantly to the global initiative of making scholarly citation data freely accessible, thereby enriching the research landscape and promoting the free exchange of knowledge.