Financial Deteriorated Indicators in “The Domestic Crusaders” by Wajahat Ali


  • Aneesa Iftikhar Public Sector Educator. Lahore – Punjab, Pakistan


The Domestic Crusaders, Women exploitation, Economic Crisis, Marxist capitalism


This research is based on the economic crisis in Wajahat Ali’s “The Domestic Crusaders” suffered by women through a Marxist feminist lens. Marx propounded the theory with his friend Fredrick Angels. Marxist feminism critiques capitalism as a system that exploits labor alienates people, and debases freedom. It emphasizes that women cannot achieve empowerment within capitalism and rejects treating women as separate groups. The focus of this research is to highlight the crisis under the influence of capitalism controlled by men. Wajahat Ali has presented the miserable plight of the Muslim American family under the influence of domestic colonization, acculturation, and supremacy. The results of this research show that the intergenerational gap between these three generations leads them towards crisis, fewer jobs and inflation is the other reason for the crisis. The major practice-restricted policies by homeland security have left no space among the family members with these unbearable crises. As a whole, this play is the depiction of a Muslim American family who has a jumbled experience under the squeeze of not only the economic snatchers but dealt with crisis also.