Curriculum Overload at College level: Probing its Repercussions on EFL Learners and Academics


  • Raheela Akhtar Higher Education Department – Punjab, Pakistan


Curriculum, college, students, teachers, under pressure, overload


English language is considered the core of success in Pakistani education system. The most important task of English teachers at college level in Pakistan is to develop competence and better understanding of English language in students. However, curriculum overload is the biggest hurdle in enhancing language proficiency because it keeps teachers and students under pressure. J.B McDonald elucidates curriculum as a fount of quality teaching and better learning experience for students by identifying an apt syllabus and assessing their learning outcomes. This paper looks into the causes and consequences of curriculum overload on English teachers at college level in particular and on students in general. This study helps in understanding the issue through teachers and students’ point of view. Data were collected through questionnaires based on close and open-ended questions. These questionnaires were filled by the English teachers and students of public and private colleges of Faisalabad city. Macdonald's Model has been adapted to understand the role of curriculum in education. He takes curriculum as a social and cognitive system for proper planning and instruction in academia. This study recommends certain measures to overcome the overload of curriculum on teachers and students. It will open new vistas of research as less work has been done in this regard particularly at college level.