Complaint Process for Authors

Complaint Process for Authors in Wah Academia Journal of Social Sciences:

Step 1: Contact the Editorial Office: If an author has a complaint related to the submission, review process, or publication, they should first contact the editorial office of the Wah Academia Journal of Social Sciences. Authors can send an email outlining their concerns to the specified contact person or email address provided on the journal's official website.

Step 2: Provide Detailed Information: In the email, authors should provide detailed information about their complaint, including the title of the manuscript, the names of the authors, and a clear description of the issue they are facing. Providing specific details will help the editorial team address the complaint effectively.

Step 3: Editorial Team Review: The editorial team will review the complaint thoroughly. This may involve investigating the submission and review records, consulting with the reviewers and editors involved, and assessing the validity of the complaint. The editorial team will strive to resolve the issue in a fair and timely manner.

Step 4: Communication of Resolution: Once the investigation is complete, the editorial office will communicate the resolution to the author. If the complaint is found to be valid, appropriate actions will be taken to rectify the situation, which may include revisiting the review process, providing clarifications, or taking corrective measures in the publication process.

Step 5: Appeals Process (if applicable): If the author is not satisfied with the resolution provided by the editorial office, there may be an appeals process outlined in the journal's policies. Authors can follow the specified procedure for appeals, which usually involves an independent review of the case by a higher authority within the journal's editorial board or academic committee.

Note: It's important for authors to familiarize themselves with the journal's specific guidelines, policies, and procedures related to complaints, as these may vary from one journal to another. Additionally, maintaining a professional and respectful tone in all communications is essential for a constructive resolution of any complaint.